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The Impact of TEFL on Peru’s Education System

Peru is a fantastic destination to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL) due to its diverse landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a growing demand for English language skills. The country has made a massive effort to increase the number of students taking English classes in schools from primary to high school level, as well as in language institutes. Foreign TEFL teachers are, therefore, highly regarded. In this blog post, we will explore what it is like to Peru TEFL, and what benefits and challenges it offers.

The Benefits of TEFL in Peru

One of the most apparent advantages of teaching English in Peru is the excitement and adventure that comes with living in a new country and experiencing its culture. In addition, TEFL teachers in Peru earn a decent living that typically covers basic living expenses like accommodation, utilities, and food. Many language institutes in Peru offer a competitive salary package that includes free accommodation, visa assistance, airfare, and healthcare.

Moreover, Peru is incredibly diverse, with plenty to see and do. From the Andes mountains to the Amazon forest and desert landscapes, TEFL teachers in Peru can take full advantage of their weekends to travel and experience the spectacular natural scenery and vibrant culture that Peru has to offer.

The Challenges of TEFL in Peru

Although teaching English in Peru can be a rewarding experience, it also has its challenges. For instance, the culture shock can be overwhelming because of the language barrier and the different way of life. TEFL teachers may find it challenging to adapt to the laid-back attitude of Peruvians and their inefficient bureaucracy, which often results in teachers having to navigate the visa process on their own.

In addition, keeping students engaged is a major hurdle, particularly when they are not genuinely interested in learning English. While some students are motivated to learn, others can be challenging and resistant, which can make classes monotonous and frustrating.

TEFL Qualifications and Language Institutes

To teach English in Peru, you need to have a TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certificate, which is widely recognized for language instruction across the world. Peruvian language institutes favor TEFL teachers with certification and teaching experience because it demonstrates their commitment to the profession and ensures they have the necessary knowledge and skills to teach English as a second language.

Peru boasts of a substantial number of language institutes located in major cities such as Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, and Piura. These institutes offer English classes for all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced, and for specialized areas such as business English, conversational English, and exam preparation (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge).

Work Culture and Lifestyle in Peru

Peruvians are known for their hospitality, kindness, and laidback lifestyle. They enjoy socializing with friends and family, eating together, and celebrating life’s milestones with festivals, music, and dance. As a TEFL teacher, you will be immersed in this vibrant culture and enjoy all it has to offer.

The work culture in schools and language institutes in Peru varies, but generally, it is relaxed, friendly, and flexible, allowing teachers to create a positive learning environment that fosters students’ individuality. The teaching style is more student-centered, emphasizing practical, communicative English rather than rote memorization.


TEFL in Peru offers a fantastic opportunity to experience a new culture, travel extensively, and earn a decent living. However, it requires commitment, patience, and a willingness to adapt to the way of life. The benefits of teaching English in Peru outweigh the challenges, and one can explore the country’s diverse landscapes and culture, savor its gastronomy, and make lifetime memories. With a TEFL certification and a passion for teaching, Peru can be a rewarding and fulfilling destination for aspiring TEFL teachers.