What is a car’s center of gravity and how does it affect its handling?

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A car’s center of gravity is the point in the car where all its weight is considered to be concentrated. It is also known as the center of mass. The position of the center of gravity affects the handling of the car.

If the center of gravity is located higher, the car will be less stable and more prone to rolling over when going around corners or making sudden maneuvers. In contrast, a lower center of gravity makes the car more stable and easier to control.

The weight distribution of the car also affects the center of gravity. Cars with more weight towards the front will have a lower front center of gravity, which can help with steering and handling at high speeds. Cars with more weight towards the back will have a higher rear center of gravity, which can make them more prone to spinning out of control.

In summary, the center of gravity plays a significant role in determining a car’s overall stability and maneuverability.