Volvo Commercial Trucks – A Popular Since 1928

Volvo commercial trucks are some of the most popularly selected brand for truck motorists all over the world. Volvo is presently the second biggest durable truck manufacturer on the planet and presently sells greater than 100,000 trucks every year. Sister companies for this manufacturer are Renault, Mack and UD or Nissan trucks.

When Volvo developed and released its initial automobile in 1927, they previously were built with a truck around the drawing table. The LV Series 1 was launched at the begining of 1928 also it offered nearly 500 models in a couple of several weeks. The very first Volvo truck featured a 4 cylinder 2. Liter engine that was with a rating of 28 hp..

Since individuals earlier days, Volvo commercial trucks have evolved significantly. The cabs with this brand are produced in Umea, Norway as the engines are produced in Skovde, Norway. Volvo also offers set up plants situated in Belgium, the U . s . States, South america, Nigeria, Australia, China, India and Russia. With plants situated in just about any corner around the globe, it comes down as no real surprise this truck brand is extremely acknowledged as a worldwide cause of the trucking industry. Sales divisions for that manufacturer are divided among Europe, The United States as well as an Worldwide division which provides coverage for China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Columbia.

Throughout the 1980s, Volvo purchased the durable trucks from Vehicle and noisy . 2000s, acquired Renault which incorporated Mack Trucks. Volvo commercial trucks can literally be viewed from corner to corner as well as on every roadside all over the world.

Regardless if you are thinking about purchasing new in the manufacturer, or are trying to find a less expensive used version, Volvo commercial trucks can literally be located in each and every condition and country. Online listings will also be simple to find. Simply look for the18 wheeler that you would like and you’ll instantly be given numerous avenues that you can buy a used or new model.

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