Computer Maintenance – Step-By-Step Guide

Whenever your computer is completely new, it runs rapidly. Things are lightning fast. Then, with time, it starts to slow lower. Why? Since it is getting loaded with the accrued rubbish of old damaged files, problematic links and so forth.

This is what you need to do regularly to maintain your computer running easily:

1-Remove temporary internet files (Two times per week)

2-Disk cleanup (every two days)

3-Remove other files (monthly)

4-Remove Restore Points (if you do maintenance)

5-Cleanup the Registry (as necessary)

6-Defrag the Hard Disk (monthly)

7-Scan for adware and spyware infections (Once in a while Week)

Sounds daunting, does not it? But be assured that preserving your computer isn’t very difficult… provided you realize your work and approach the job inside a logical manner.

I’ve place the suggested times where you want to do these maintenance tasks in brackets. But there’s pointless why you need to not do them more frequently, apart from the truth that doing all seven tasks takes up an hour or so approximately. But it is time wisely spent.

Personally I remove temporary internet files every single day approximately. You will find out why in another minute. I actually do the rest of the tasks once every two days.

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