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Exotic, Specialty, & Luxury Car Detailing
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Exotic, Specialty, & Luxury Car Detailing In Metro Detroit

AutoLavish, LLC, is a nationally recognized, Michigan based Detailing Service. We specialize in Luxury, Exotic, Classic and high-value vehicles. We are Detailers for The Connoisseur. With Mobile Services offered, we can handle your detailing needs in the comfort of your own garage which provides greater flexibility around your schedule. We service all Southeast Michigan, and have traveled out of the country for some truly discerning clientele. We typically provide service at our location in the Rochester area.

We specialize in Paint Correction, where using focused lighting, microscopes, paint thickness gauges, and gloss meters provide greater inspection capabilities than typical shop lighting and guesswork when polishing your car’s delicate paint. This warrants safer procedures and more refined results. If you are looking for the ultimate in paint protection, we are Approved Installers of Optimum Opti-Coat PRO, CQuartz Finest, GTechniq, 22PLE Pro, and have access to any Paint Coating on the market.

Our flexibility and technical background enables us to serve clients who demand the highest quality possible. Our superior understanding of the vehicle and the automotive business allows us to work safely and discretely on concept and pre-launch vehicles and programs. We routinely prepare vehicles for SEMA, Concours, International Auctions, Press Reviews, Photoshoots, OEM and Supplier Product Reviews, etc.

Our vision is to continually be considered one of the top detailing companies in the nation, with a focus on exceeding customer’s expectations in anything we do. We will achieve this only through mastering all aspects of vehicle care. The vehicle’s integrity is precious, and we will go to great lengths to ensure it stays that way.

Exotic, Specialty, & Luxury Car Detailing In Metro Detroit

From the Ferrari Scuderia shown above, to the Porsche 993 RS CS shown below to you can expect the owners of AutoLavish giving personal attention to your vehicle. This is the AutoLavish standard.

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And we stand behind our work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are expert detailers with over a decade of experience, best-in-class tools, world renowned products and can find and use any specific product you desire. We are car enthusiasts with ample knowledge of vehicle history and a deep understanding of how they are produced. This gives us an advantage as we are closely looking at our work from the car’s point of view.

Our techniques are up to date with the latest automotive finishes. We are in constant contact with other very respectable top detailers in the nation and around the globe, and many detailing product and tool companies. We know of and have the latest and best products in the world, and we continually adjust our techniques to the latest in detailing technology. Our expertise and understanding permits us to take advantage of any improvements while adjusting for any changes in products or tools, on the fly. The result is a perfect finish achieved in the safest way possible, with no compromise to your vehicle’s integrity and value.

We work at a flat rate of $75 per hour per person at our location. Travel fees may apply for mobile detailing. We require a hook-up for water and electricity, and to know if there is shade or not. For further details, please see our Pricing Page.

The best way to get in touch with us is via email or phone. For questions and scheduling please do not hesitate to call Marc at (248) 514-5676 or send an email to We are also on Facebook. And you can get a good sense of our philosophy and style by reading some articles we have published for, among others. See our Additional Resources Page for more info.

We look forward to your next detail!

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From simple cleaning and show prep to paint correction, wet sanding, orange peel and defect removal, AutoLavish has the tools and expertise to make your vehicle look its best.