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Jacob holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and has specialized in Automotive Engineering since 2000. Hired by DaimlerChrysler right out of college, Jacob was engulfed in everything automotive, just where he wanted to be.

His desire to clean and protect his own car lead to lots of research and experimentation. Slowly, his collection of waxes, polishes, and tools (and a very shiny car!) caught the attention of friends and neighbors. After a few workshops and lots of practice, Jacob was detailing for clients.

In early 2009, Jacob formed AutoLavish, LLC., dedicated to providing the ultimate vehicle detailing service in Michigan. While Jacob’s primary focus is a successful engineering career, he supports Marc in everyday behind-the-scenes operations and with paint correction on the weekends and special jobs.


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Cars I’d Like To Detail:

  1. 1.Aston Martin Vantage

  2. 2.Old European Classics

  3. 3.Old Japanese Classics


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Marc Harris enlisted into the US Army soon after high school, where he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Returning safely home and pausing from public serving, Marc enrolled in college and is pursuing a degree in Marketing. He loves loose fitting clothes and long walks on the beach after parachuting in at the break of dawn with an M203 strapped to his back.

Known by his Varsity Team Members as Captain and also as the guy with the cleanest ride, Marc admits to washing his car three times a week while in High School. Early indications of an obsession. Once Marc found his dream ride, it was all over. Marc quickly grew a collection of tools and products. His deep research quickly grew his knowledge of detailing products and processes to a world class level.

Once Marc and Jacob, having met through a local car club, worked together on a challenging car, they decided this was a prefect fit. Marc’s marketing skills, intelligence, and attention to detail make him a perfect fit for AutoLavish’s success.

Marc joined Jacob in AutoLavish soon after its formation in Summer 2009, and became co-owner in 2010.


What you should know

Cars I’d Like To Detail:

  1. 1.Lamborghini Diablo VT

  2. 2.Honda S600

  3. 3.Ferrari 288 GTO


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