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AutoLavish can handle all your vehicle care needs from the convenience of your own garage. We supply all tools and products necessary, and only need from the vehicle owner an available garden hose spigot and an electrical outlet relatively close by.

We charge by the hour. Our rate is $75 per man per hour. If mobile work is requested or required for your needs there may be additional travel costs applied. Any such applicable charges will be discussed prior to scheduling. This way we are ready to tackle the job, any job, any time.

The time it will take to complete your vehicle will depend on its current condition and where you would like to take it in terms of perfection. As the work gets more precise, the time increases. We always provide an estimate prior to performing any work, and we can work exactly to your specifics. We guarantee our work, and strive to make our work the best value possible for the client.

Please note the work we perform on your vehicle is tailored specifically for it. We never use a “one size fits all” approach. We use only the best possible methods with the utmost care. We will never cause harm to your finish, or perform work that will be detrimental to your vehicle’s value. The products we use on your vehicle are the best in the market, and many are quite exclusive. Further, our artists are not being paid minimum wage for a part-time job. We all have years of experience and work as a team with one goal: your vehicle.


18 to 35 hours = $1620 - $3150 +


9 to 15 hours = $810 - $1350


5 to 7 hours = $450 - $630


4 to 5.5 hours = $360 - $495


4 to 5.5 hours = $360 - $495


2.5 to 3.5 hours = $225 - $315


Starting at $200



Call for pricing

Detailing for Connoisseurs

Pursuit of Perfection

When the goal is absolute perfection. Show Cars, Collectibles, Concours Prep, Serious Enthusiasts, you know who you are and know what you want. Here are some examples.

Extensive Vehicle Rejuvenation

This is our most popular service and the best value for most vehicles that see occasional to frequent use. This is also what we would recommend for a vehicle about to be put for sale. It takes the Moderate Rejuvenation and adds many more polishing stages to correct the finish further towards perfection. The clarity achieved by a multiple step polish process surpasses anything done to the vehicle previously. The finish will look better than brand new, literally (see some of our pictures). We also take the cleaning a step further and cover the not-so-obvious areas where potential buyers will look for hints of the vehicle’s care history, like door jambs, engine bay, exhaust tips, among others.

Light Exterior Polishing

Vehicle is decontaminated thoroughly, the paintwork is polished to increase gloss and clarity to the finish. Polish and Sealant are applied by machine.

Extensive Interior Detail

Vacuum, Extraction, Steam Cleaning, Glass, Leather, Alcantara, etc.

General Maintenance plus interior

Adds Interior cleaning via vacuum and wiping surfaces clean

General Maintenance

Pressure wash exterior and wheels, sealant or wax, a great winter prep

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Before you take delivery of your new ride do not trust just the salesperson. Our inspection will cover the vehicle’s interior and exterior condition, paint measurements over entire vehicle, and possible insight to if the vehicle was properly maintained. A thorough report will include photos and an unbiased professional assessment of the vehicle.

ProfeSsional Photography

Services available at a discount for AutoLavish clients from some of Michigan’s top photographers. Please contact them directly for pricing:

   Chris Amos

   Andy Photog

   Steven Pham

   Matt Trombley

Concierge Service

To include special services such as attending to a vehicle during a show, from unloading and positioning on ground to keeping the vehicle pristine during the event (fingerprints, dust, dew, and other spectator induced issues). We also provide instruction on how to properly maintain your vehicle in the best possible condition.

WHat you should know about our pricing
Examples of Popular Services and a range of their typical costs:
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